Nanoparticle Synthesis Simulation Based Design

Plasma-based chemical processes are characterized by solvent-less (dry), high-purity, and low-temperature conditions that enable damage-free device fabrication. plasma tools are now essential to the large-scale manufacturing of microelectronic devices. Nanoparticles form the basis of many novel materials. A core competence at the Plasma-Dynamics is the synthesis of such particles in gas-phase flow reactors. The modeling and simulation of particle-laden, chemically reacting flows is essential to improve the understanding of the processes, to design of reactors and to scale-up laboratory experiments to production facilities. The modeling is based on the implementation of physical models with the expansion of the advanced  numerical tools by introducing of new libraries and flow solvers. The resulting simulation results were justified by experimental or analytical memory whereby the models were validated.

Plasma Simulation

Research and Development in Plasma Technologies

Simulation of Complex Systems to Gain Most Optimized Configuration with Advanced Technology

Magnetized plasma simulations of realistic devices using the kinetic or the multi-fluid plasma models are examples that benefit from high-order accuracy. The multi-fluid plasma model only assumes local thermodynamic equilibrium within each fluid, e.g. ion and electron fluids for the two-fluid plasma model.

Plasma Dynamics use advanced electromagnetic FEA, CFD and particle-in-cell (PIC) codes, designed for executing multi-scale, plasma physics simulations. Based on the problem and its detail, we use special commercial code or even develop new codes and subroutines to capture the interaction between charged particles (electrons and ions) and external and self-generated electric and magnetic fields.

Plasma Dynamics

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Nanoparticle Synthesis Simulation Based Design Plasma chemical Comsol Ansys Siemens star-ccm

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Nanoparticle Synthesis Simulation Based Design Plasma chemical Comsol Ansys Siemens star-ccm