With cooperation and partnership with other companies around Europe, we have unique possibility to cover every things in Plasma Propulsion Systems from design step to manufacturing and quality insurance:

  • We have manufacturing capacity for producing of all the subsystems for Plasma Propulsion Systems
  • Complete cycle of manufacture in vertical integration circuitry (mechanical operation, assembly, product testing)
  • Manufacturing flexibility (fast product modification)
  • All constructions are grounded on verified processes and materials
  • Complete control in all stages of manufacture with subcontractor’s involvement
  • For Plasma Propulsion Systems producing we have
    • manufacturing capacity, equipped by all the necessary infrastructure
    • Lathes and equipment: more than 240 units, 20 are specially developed
    • more than 120 special instruments and devices
  • Assembly
    • the manufacturing processes, worker and work bench are qualified
    • welding: diffusion, spot, arc, laser, electron-beam welding
    • soldering: by soft and solid solders of steel, titanium, refractory metals, aluminum
    • 15 skilled assemblers and 20 work benches
    • more than 40 kinds special checkups, facility of nondestructive control


Hall effect thruster (HET) Ansys Comsol CFD PIC Simulation FEA Numerical Plasma Dynamics use advanced electromagnetic FEA, CFD and particle-in-cell (PIC) codes, designed for executing multi-scale, plasma physics simulations. Based on the problem and its detail, we use special commercial code or even develop new codes and subroutines to capture the interaction between charged particles (electrons and ions) and external and self-generated electric and magnetic fields.
Plasma propulsion Engine: Electrostatic thruster (plasma-ion and Hall-effect), Magnetoplasmodynamic, Inductive and Helicon Plasma Thrusters.

We are the translation of advanced science to Real in hand technologies.

Diagnostic systems  

  • Thrust-meters
  • Longmuir probe located at 2-axis coordinate mechanism
  • Multigrid probe located at 3-axis coordinate mechanism
  • Optical spectrometers
  • Measuring equipment of stationary discharge parameters

-Digital oscilloscopes

  • Magnetic field gauges

Unique technology of vacuum-tight metal-metal and metal-ceramics joint

Special cover coating

Galvanic – atmospheric resistance, emissivity increasing

  • Vacuum – secondary electron emissive decreasing
  • Detonation – dielectric coating

Full set of tools for manufacturing

  • Vacuum annealing of ceramic
  • Atmospheric annealing of ceramic
  • Vacuum soldering of metal- ceramic units
  • Electro erosion
  • H2/O2 soldering
  • Electron microscopic diagnostic laboratory
  • Spot weld
  • Machining (turnery, milling, grinding)
  • Electroplating, vacuum, detonation coating

System of quality guarantee

  • Incoming control and verification of materials and components
    • examination of packing, in-line documentation
    • incoming inspection of certificatesвходной контроль сертификатов
    • marking and labels on production
    • records in in-line documentation, stamps
  • Quality control during manufacture and test of products
    • incoming control
    • operational inspection
    • acceptance
    • inspection
  • Cleanness maintenance and pollution control of surfaces
    • preparation and control of product surfaces
    • facility cleanness, of accessories, containers for components storage between operations
    • cleanness in operating departments, in sections of assembly, tests, and cleaning
    • qualifying of operators engaged in assembly, welding, soldering, tests, cleaning and control
  • Qualifying of facility and operators

Research, Development, Improvement, Design, realization, production of a prototype and industrial sample


By very powerful team, which includes professors, young scientists and engineers with extensive experience in this field, we will be able to provide the high-quality research, development, improvement and design for any types of Electric Rocket Propulsion Systems.

Connections and scientific cooperation with various universities in this industry, give us a great opportunity to find a solution to even the most complex problems associated with Electric Rocket Propulsion Systems.

We have great experience to realization and production of a prototypes for further research and improvement and data monitoring.


Computer Modeling and Simulation


We have a very powerful computer simulation team with extensive experience in this field, so we can provide high-quality simulation of processes of propulsion systems using the most powerful software.

Plasma Propulsion Engine, Treatment & Simulation

Plasma Technologies: R&D Better Design Engineering Simulation Faster Test Optimized Manufacturing  Lowest cost to market

plasma dynamics Propulsion Engine Simulation
Hall effect thruster (HET): Manufacture & Tests of Electric Propulsion Systems (PLASMA ENGINES): Manufacturing capacity for all the subsystems of Plasma Propulsion System
Hall effect thruster (HET): Manufacture & Tests of Electric Propulsion Systems (PLASMA ENGINES): Manufacturing capacity for all the subsystems of Plasma Propulsion System