With cooperation and partnership with other companies around Europe, we have unique possibility to cover every things in Plasma Propulsion Systems from design step to manufacturing and quality insurance:

  • We have manufacturing capacity for producing of all the subsystems for Plasma Propulsion Systems
  • Complete cycle of manufacture in vertical integration circuitry (mechanical operation, assembly, product testing)
  • Manufacturing flexibility (fast product modification)
  • All constructions are grounded on verified processes and materials
  • Complete control in all stages of manufacture with subcontractor’s involvement
  • For Plasma Propulsion Systems producing we have
    • manufacturing capacity, equipped by all the necessary infrastructure
    • Lathes and equipment: more than 240 units, 20 are specially developed
    • more than 120 special instruments and devices
  • Assembly
    • the manufacturing processes, worker and work bench are qualified
    • welding: diffusion, spot, arc, laser, electron-beam welding
    • soldering: by soft and solid solders of steel, titanium, refractory metals, aluminum
    • 15 skilled assemblers and 20 work benches
    • more than 40 kinds special checkups, facility of nondestructive control


Hall effect thruster (HET) Ansys Simulation FEA Numerical Electric Propulsion Systems , Military & Civil Application of Electric Propulsion Systems: GEO telecommunication, Photo Infrared & Radar observation, Meteorological satellite
Hall effect thruster (HET): Manufacture & Tests of Electric Propulsion Systems (PLASMA ENGINES): Manufacturing capacity for all the subsystems of Plasma Propulsion System

We are the translation of advanced science to Real in hand technologies.

Diagnostic systems  

  • Thrust-meters
  • Longmuir probe located at 2-axis coordinate mechanism
  • Multigrid probe located at 3-axis coordinate mechanism
  • Optical spectrometers
  • Measuring equipment of stationary discharge parameters

-Digital oscilloscopes

  • Magnetic field gauges

Unique technology of vacuum-tight metal-metal and metal-ceramics joint

Special cover coating

Galvanic – atmospheric resistance, emissivity increasing

  • Vacuum – secondary electron emissive decreasing
  • Detonation – dielectric coating

Full set of tools for manufacturing

  • Vacuum annealing of ceramic
  • Atmospheric annealing of ceramic
  • Vacuum soldering of metal- ceramic units
  • Electro erosion
  • H2/O2 soldering
  • Electron microscopic diagnostic laboratory
  • Spot weld
  • Machining (turnery, milling, grinding)
  • Electroplating, vacuum, detonation coating

System of quality guarantee

  • Incoming control and verification of materials and components
    • examination of packing, in-line documentation
    • incoming inspection of certificatesвходной контроль сертификатов
    • marking and labels on production
    • records in in-line documentation, stamps
  • Quality control during manufacture and test of products
    • incoming control
    • operational inspection
    • acceptance
    • inspection
  • Cleanness maintenance and pollution control of surfaces
    • preparation and control of product surfaces
    • facility cleanness, of accessories, containers for components storage between operations
    • cleanness in operating departments, in sections of assembly, tests, and cleaning
    • qualifying of operators engaged in assembly, welding, soldering, tests, cleaning and control
  • Qualifying of facility and operators

Research, Development, Improvement, Design, realization, production of a prototype and industrial sample


By very powerful team, which includes professors, young scientists and engineers with extensive experience in this field, we will be able to provide the high-quality research, development, improvement and design for any types of Electric Rocket Propulsion Systems.

Connections and scientific cooperation with various universities in this industry, give us a great opportunity to find a solution to even the most complex problems associated with Electric Rocket Propulsion Systems.

We have great experience to realization and production of a prototypes for further research and improvement and data monitoring.


Computer Modeling and Simulation


We have a very powerful computer simulation team with extensive experience in this field, so we can provide high-quality simulation of processes of propulsion systems using the most powerful software.

Plasma Propulsion Engine, Treatment & Simulation

Plasma Technologies: R&D Better Design Engineering Simulation Faster Test Optimized Manufacturing  Lowest cost to market

plasma dynamics Propulsion Engine Simulation
Hall effect thruster (HET): Manufacture & Tests of Electric Propulsion Systems (PLASMA ENGINES): Manufacturing capacity for all the subsystems of Plasma Propulsion System
Hall effect thruster (HET): Manufacture & Tests of Electric Propulsion Systems (PLASMA ENGINES): Manufacturing capacity for all the subsystems of Plasma Propulsion System