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The Operating Principle of the Microwave Plasma Technology

Microwave plasma is a combination of microwave discharges generated by electromagnetic waves with frequencies exceeding 300 MHz. For obtaining the microwave discharges, plasma generators are used being called plasmatrons, which serve for supplying electromagnetic energy into the discharge volume. The generation of microwave plasma requires special devices, including a microwave oscillator, a magnetron, and waveguide equipment, which makes it possible to create an electromagnetic field with a strength exceeding 30 kV per cm in the discharge volume (resonator). In turn, it leads to the emergence of breakdown voltage and avalanche ionization of the plasma-forming gas (air, steam, inert gases, hydrogen, oxygen, etc.) as well as the formation of the plasma clot. An area of “plasma combustion” called a plasmoid is given the shape of a torch (plasma jet) with the help of an organized flow of plasma-forming gas, which is deduced outside the plasmatron. Thus, a double effect is achieved including protection of the plasmatron from overheating as well as destruction making a powerful tool for application in intensive high-temperature impact on organic and inorganic substances.

Plasma treatment of carbohydrates, toxic gases, carbon dust, silt and sludge 2

Plasma Dynamics

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Plasma treatment of carbohydrates, toxic gases, carbon dust, silt and sludge Plasma Gasification of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Component Of Integrated Waste Recycling

Eliminate the formation of hazardous substances such as dioxins, furans, NOx

Absence of combustion (oxidation) in the waste disposal cycle

The application of this technology does not lead to an increase in the cost of equipment for waste disposal

Computer Modeling and Simulation


We have a very powerful computer simulation team with extensive experience in this field, so we can provide high-quality simulation of processes of any plasma related systems using the most powerful software.

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By very powerful team, which includes professors, young scientists and engineers with extensive experience in this field, we will be able to provide the high-quality research, development, improvement and design for any plasma related system.

Connections and scientific cooperation with various universities in this industry, give us a great opportunity to find a solution to even the most complex problems associated with plasma technologies.

We have great experience to realization and production of a prototypes for further research and improvement and data monitoring.