Plasma Treatment

Research and Development in Plasma Technologies

Hydrocracking Hydrogen Production

The hydrogen production targets are achievable through the diversification of sources of input substances and energy. The most ecological and profitable way to produce hydrogen is the recovery/recycling of waste, byproducts and waste biomass  in the logic of “circular economy”.

The hydrogen is produced by the Electro-dissociation and molecular hydro-cracking processes of input substances. The hydro-gas is generated without pollutants and with high presence of hydrogen. Hydrogen is separated from hydro-gas, and the residual gas is fed into a molecular oxy-cracking process to produce carbon dioxide. In general, the process ensures the total recycling of input substances with the production of the following materials:

    •  Hydrogen of high purity for industrial and civil uses, for transport or for injection into the national natural gas network and for power production.
    • Carbon dioxide of high purity for use in greenhouses, sellfish farming and industrial use (Carbon Capture and Utilization – CCU).
    • Inert/basaltic material for use in road construction, civil works and urban design.

We are proud to have collaboration  and ecosystem of innovative companies in the hydrocracking hydrogen production technologies, for companies and territories, such as municipalities, industrial areas, to develop cutting edge Hydrocracking Hydrogen Production Technologies to ensure respect of environment and the personnel and population safety including economic and usability aspects.

Plasma treatment of carbohydrates, toxic gases, carbon dust, silt and sludge 2

Plasma Dynamics

We are the translation of advanced science to Real in hand technologies.

Advanced Technology for Green Planet

Microwave Plasma & Hydrocracking Hydrogen Production

With Lowest Amount of Money

Plasma treatment of carbohydrates, toxic gases, carbon dust, silt and sludge Plasma Gasification of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Component Of Integrated Waste Recycling

Eliminate the formation of hazardous substances such as dioxins, furans, NOx

Absence of combustion (oxidation) in the waste disposal cycle

The application of this technology does not lead to an increase in the cost of equipment for waste disposal

Computer Modeling and Simulation


We have a very powerful computer simulation team with extensive experience in this field, so we can provide high-quality simulation of processes of any plasma related systems using the most powerful software.

Plasma Propulsion Engine, Treatment & Simulation

Plasma Technologies: R&D Better Design Engineering Simulation Faster Test Optimized Manufacturing  Lowest cost to market

Research, Development, Improvement, Design, realization, production of a prototype and industrial sample


By very powerful team, which includes professors, young scientists and engineers with extensive experience in this field, we will be able to provide the high-quality research, development, improvement and design for any plasma related system.

Connections and scientific cooperation with various universities in this industry, give us a great opportunity to find a solution to even the most complex problems associated with plasma technologies.

We have great experience to realization and production of a prototypes for further research and improvement and data monitoring.